Thoughts on kids and tech

I feel like it is a challenging time to raise kids. How about you?

I am sure every generation has probably thought the same thing, ha.

But, with the advent of smartphones and tablets, raising our kids to be smart about technology—both being able to use it and not suffer harm—is tough waters to navigate.

I realize this can be a contentious topic. We can have strong, differing opinions. And I think that is ok! After all, we’re all trying our best to figure it out—often long before all the research and facts are out there for us to consider.

What got me to thinking about tech and our kids today was this article in USA Today.

As a parent I have struggled to find balance when it comes to tech and my children. What kinds of tech should I give them access to and at what age? How frequent and for what duration? What kinds of parental controls do I set? These are questions Brance and I come back to again and again.

I’m so curious? What are your thoughts on kids and tech? How are you navigating these tricky waters in your family? While circumstances may be different from family to family, I feel like we can learn a lot from each other!



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5 thoughts on “Thoughts on kids and tech

  1. I’ll start the conversation :). I admit, in the past I have been wary (as in slightly neurotic and scared) of tech and my kids largely abstained. Although, I have more recently seen the benefit of carefully introducing kids and teaching them to use it wisely. My kids use some apps on my phone (foreign language, math etc.) and now each use a kindle (a gift from family and the girls’ favorite thing).

  2. My husbands aunt wanted to get the kids tablets for Christmas. We agreed to the kids version of the Kindle. We set limits on app time, block videos and web browsing, and allow for unlimited reading. We also have a list of things they need to have done before they can use it (room tidied, dressed, school work done). I do make some exceptions depending on our circumstances.

    1. I love that you require certain things to be done before your kids can use the Kindle (especially the clean room :). That’s so smart! We similarly use the parental controls.

  3. I love love love kindles…gives them opportunities to enjoy the tech and parents can block what you don’t want them to have access to 🙂

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