Thoughts on Paris & Syria, please

Beautiful RoseA lot has happened in the last couple of days (weeks and months, really). A lot of hard, heavy things.

These days I stay busy. Mostly, I am busy taking care of my little family – homeschooling, folding clothes, holding and comforting, washing dishes, cooking, listening to little voices with big hearts tell me their thoughts and dreams and hopes. And I snatch a moment here and there for this blog.

I occasionally check news. But I must admit, news can feel overwhelming. Even the headlines. And so, sometimes, I choose not to look.

But when things as large as Paris and Syria happen, there is no avoiding news. It’s everywhere, as it should be.

But I must admit, I am really struggling with this. Struggling to know how to process it, what to believe, how to move forward. Of course my struggle pales in comparison to those actually walking through this trial.

When I look around, many people seem to know what they believe and are sharing it with others. I applaud them for having convictions and taking a stand on hard issues.

Perhaps, I have kept my head hidden in the sand so long, in regards to world events, it’s going to take some time.

So, for now, I am wrestling with the information and I am praying really hard for all of those involved–those lives touched by tragic circumstances. And I am listening.

Sometimes I wish the world were back and white. Especially when hard things happen. A yes or a no. A good or a bad. A simple answer.

But, rarely do complex questions have simple answers. Rarely is there a perfect or even good solution. Often, we are lucky to land in grayish “better” territory.

And I am praying that God would show me what I could do with limited resources in my very small part of the world to help.

My husband is very smart and has been helping me better understand the complexities of this difficult situation. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions too. I know we will have a helpful, considerate conversation. Thank you in advance for what you share!

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