2 Things that make me forget I have UC

Probiotics help Ulcerative ColitisI feel incredibly blessed to feel SO WELL these days— completely normal and like my “old self”. And with little (1/2 a dose) and very safe medication to boot! No steroids or other meds with awful side-effects or visits to the hospital. Not even a SINGLE symptom at all!

I was diagnosed with UC (Ulcerative Colitis) a couple of years ago and it made my life much more difficult. I felt miserable and was afraid to go anywhere. Ugh. Anyone who has this autoimmune disease will know what I am talking about.

Not only do you suffer with the common symptoms associated with UC, though. Which are bad enough. Anytime you’re dealing with autoimmunity there is a host of “random” symptoms that can plague the sufferer too. Recurring fevers, joint pain, fatigue, flu-like symptoms etc. are all common.

But, pinch me!! I feel so fortunate that I found something that REALLY WORKS to help me feel so well with this disease.  It’s too good not to share with my dear readers and for you not to share with those you love. It’s just THAT good and easy!

While UC is chronic and here to stay, I stumbled across this simple regimen that in recent months has made me often forget I even have UC at all. Crazy, right!?! I feel that AMAZING.

The two things I do are… Continue reading

What it is like to live with chronic disease

IMG_5363I am often asked what living with Ulcerative Colitis is like. I think that is a great question. It is difficult to understand what it is like to live with chronic disease, unless you have experienced one or talk with someone who has.

One of the most interesting things that I have had to grapple with is the fact that Ulcerative Colitis IS chronic. It won’t go away. I know that probably seems obvious. But every other experience in life I had with sickness or disease was temporary. And although mentally I know what chronic means, it has been difficult for me to process this without a past experience to hang my diagnosis on.

Chronic means forever. Not a day or a week or a month or a year. Sure, it is possible to experience periods of remission, but, bar a miracle, it will not just permanently go away. And although I am doing well, considering, right now UC is Continue reading