Us (what we’re up to)

img_8149What we’ve been up to this Thanksgiving season…

Visiting and laughing and eating with family. Cooking and cleaning and chasing kids. Repeat.


Trying to avoid eating too much fast food. Is it just us, or does it make you feel bad too? Ugh. It’s hard to stay away from it when on the road though.

Cuddling and playing with two stinkin’ cute little nieces. Loving Lucy’s giggles and Eleanor’s smile. Missing our niece and nephews/ cousins in MO!!

Soaking up some serious sunshine. Hello 70’s, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you in Boston. Wondering how we are going to readjust to the 40’s (and lower) when we return.

Helping a bit with my parents’ huge, amazing  renovation project. Mostly I’m observing and learning (we’re getting ready to paint and hang trim in ours too!). Brance has rolled up his sleeves and has helped a lot though!

Watching our girls learn and grow and love. Thanking God that we get to be their parents.

Dreaming about and making plans for the future with my best friend (and husband). It’s one of our favorite ways to spend a date night. Might included working towards a Masters in biblical counseling for me. Which has been a surprising recent development. I’ll let you know what happens!

Thanking God for ALL of the blessings in our life—including our patient, thoughtful, and encouraging blog readers! We truly are grateful for each of you and seriously pray for you often. Thank you for being a part of this community!