Vitamin D Cured Anxiety (my story)

shadowBefore Vitamin D…

I was someone who unfortunately spent years of my life in a state of worry and angst. During those anxiety-riddled years, I was a shadow of a person. Anxiety paralyzed me and controlled every aspect of my life.

Back in the day, it was so bad, there were times I would leave college classes and go home early because of irrational fears.

In the past, every single decision I made was controlled by fear—fear of what people thought or fear of what might go wrong. Fear of fear! It was insane. Just ask my poor husband who patiently listened to a lot of it.

I would spend weeks, at times months, fretting and ruminating over decisions or about a relationship or conversation or anything, really! There was ALWAYS something or someone I was tied up in emotional knots about.

And let’s not even talk about social anxiety. I’ll just say that it was all-consuming and off the charts.

As you can imagine, this was a terrible way to exist.

BUT, thank goodness, I am also someone who has experienced a major transformation and has left anxiety almost entirely behind!!! Sometimes I still can’t believe it. It truly feels like a miracle has transpired and I am grateful beyond words!! To tears even. (Those who have wrestled with anxiety in the least will understand why.)

I am sorry if I talk about this too much. But the transformation that I experienced is one of the major reasons I began this blog two years ago. It’s been so amazing, I want to share this with everyone I can—to shout it from the rooftop (or blogosphere:)!  Because if even one person is helped, then my vulnerability and humble blogging efforts will be worth it.

I know what it is like to feel terribly controlled by anxiety and the circumstances of life. It was slowly, but surely, sucking every bit of joy right out of living. And I know what it is like to feel free of anxiety’s pernicious grip. I want other people to know that freedom as well!

Oh man. There are few things in life that are better!!

Mom with Child in Backpack by the PierVitamin D helped!

So, what did I do? We’ll, there are a couple of things that have turned the anxiety ship around for me. But the number one thing I did was to begin to supplement with Vitamin D3.

There was a connection between Vitamin D and anxiety!

Who knew, but apparently that little vitamin, or hormone rather, is terribly important and every cell in our body requires it to function optimally. Unfortunately, because of my fear of the sun and then a move to the NE, I was extremely deficient. Most Americans are deficient as well–because of our jobs and lifestyle–and are completely unaware.

I almost immediately noticed a difference once I began supplementing with D3 (5,000 IU/day). I would say within a week or two I began to experience a major shift.

Supplementing with D3 is something I continue to do today! To remain at a healthy level, I currently take roughly 3,600 daily, combined in all of my supplements. Although, sometimes I will take as much as 7,600 IU, total, if I am trying to avoid a sickness in our home. (I only do that short-term).

I do get tested frequently (a couple of times a year) to make sure I am in a healthy range—not too low or high. And in all the time I have been supplementing, I have yet been too high (in case that scares you). It is important to make sure to take Vitamin D3 and NOT D2. They are not equivalent.

[I should also mention that I have had better luck with the tablets versus oil capsules. The oil capsules Brance and I tried (Vitamin D3 and fish oil) actually made us feel unwell. Still trying to figure that one out. So if you have any ideas, please chime in! Not sure if it was something in the actual capsules or oil that caused us to feel bad.]

I have said before in previous posts (here, here, and here) that supplementing with Vitamin D3 has made the biggest difference in regards to anxiety. But addressing other areas has helped as well and has caused my anxiety to nearly completely disappear. I feel like a new person and I couldn’t be happier!

Other ways I combat anxiety

Addressing inflammation has also helped. For me, that means eating a certain way and keeping my autoimmune disease under control (which, to the surprise of my doctor, I have done with very little medication). Exercise and spending time outdoors also makes a big difference.

I talk about all of the things that I do to feel my best in my free e-book, if you haven’t gotten it yet (it only takes a few moments). You can get that here. These things, which include Vitamin D supplementation, have transformed this formerly anxiety ridden gal into a calmer, more secure, and happier person. And for that, I am SO thankful.

Anxiety-free, thanks to D3,



p.s. For supplementation guidelines and scholarly research on Vitamin D, check out Grassroots Health. They have an incredibly handy chart to help you figure out just how much vitamin d you should be taking and articles to answer all of your questions. They are amazing. I have my Vitamin D levels tested through them a couple of times a year.