Vitamin d cured my anxiety and depression

A Life EnjoyedDo you struggle with anxiety or depression? If the answer is yes, there is a good chance you are vitamin d3 deficient. Many people are and are completely unaware.

I was. And supplementing has made the BIGGEST difference in how I feel, hands down.

Cure is a strong word. But I would say that this has made a 95% difference in how I feel.

It has been like a miracle for me. Social anxiety, feeling down, irrational and obsessive worry, low self-esteem, mood swings etc. melted away almost overnight when I began taking vitamin d. (D3, not d2. There’s a big difference!)

imageI remember walking through our Boston neighborhood, shortly after I began supplementing, thinking, “Wow. I haven’t been self-conscious once this whole walk. So weird, but so good. This must be what it feels like to be normal.” It felt amazing :).

And not just that. I swear it feels like it made me smarter, raised my I.Q, ha. Anyway, it cleared away the “cobwebs” – brain fog – that I had come to accept as me. I always thought that my sluggish, indecisive ways were part of my DNA. Come to find out, a vitamin d deficiency can make a person that way.

GillihanI first discovered the wonders of vitamin d over 2 years ago. I had an especially tough winter and decided to begin taking it to see if it would help with some depression I was struggling with. It helped with the depression and so much more. I felt better than I had ever felt  before – full of energy, clear-headed, depression and anxiety-free.

I sometimes STILL can’t believe how fortunate I was to discover the amazing benefits of vitamin d supplementation. It’s been a huge blessing to me and my sweet family – who definitely benefit from a healthier, happier me.

If you struggle in the least with anxiety or depression I can’t recommend vitamin d3 enough. It really, truly has changed my life for the better. I only wish I had known about it sooner!

I talk more about vitamin d3 and 6 other foundational things that have helped me finally enjoy my life in my free ebook, “1 Week to a Happier You.”

For supplementation guidelines and scholarly research on vitamin d, check out Grassroots Health. They have an incredibly handy chart to help you figure out just how much vitamin d you should be taking and articles to answer all of your questions. They are amazing. I have my vitamin d levels tested through them a couple of times a year.

Happily, thanks to D,

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