Vitamin D3 keeps you well

So, the last week or so, a cold traveled through my little family. First it was Abigail and then Haddie. Finally, Brance came down with it, worse than the kids–a runny nose that has lasted for days and days. (He’s still carrying tissues with him on our anniversary getaway.)

And I waited, expecting it hit me any day.

It seemed unavoidable. I had been planted with slobbery, sweet kisses from my sick niece (the cute source of the cold :). Then, I accidentally ate a bite of the girls’ food in the midst of high fevers. AND received a sniffly, loving kiss on my lips from Abigail. Brance had kissed me as he was coming down with it too. And we’re kissing now, of course ;).

If anyone should have caught the virus, it should have been me. And, yet, I am still well. Last year was a similar story with the flu.

What keeps me well, while those around me get sick left and right during flu and cold season? It’s the vitamin D3 I take. My protection against illness, not to mention depression and anxiety, began about 3 years ago when I began supplementing.

I am rarely sick. In fact, I can only remember one instance of sickness in all that time since I began supplementing. And, basically, it was a teensy-tiny fever and some tiredness for a day or two. Meanwhile, everyone around me suffered from a week-long violent flu replete with fevers around 103, body aches, sinus discomfort, cough etc. etc. The remnants of their virus hung around in their chests for weeks.

You guys, this is no less than amazing! So much so, Brance has decided to up his Vitamin D3 (recently he has supplemented with little, if any at all). And he absolutely hates taking vitamins and pills and often chooses to suffer sickness or a headache rather than take medicine! So this is saying something.

I am such a believer in the HUGE health benefits of normalizing your Vitamin D3 levels. My life has been transformed since I began supplementing. And I do not use the word transform lightly.

Depression and anxiety melted away. Exhaustion and low energy levels disappeared. Foggy, sluggish thinking cleared up. The change has felt no-less than a miracle for me.

AND here I am staying well, avoiding colds and flu, while everyone around me is sick–exposing me at every turn.

So you know, most people are deficient in this oh-so important vitamin.

Imagine how the world could change if you began to function at your highest level and potential. If depression and anxiety weren’t shackles holding you back. If the cobwebs in your head cleared up.

If you didn’t spend the winter fighting off sickness at every turn.



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