Vulnerability is necessary if you want to thrive

DaisiesWe now know that if you want to thrive, to be contented, to be truly happy in life, that you have to be vulnerable. You have to take risks and you have to place yourself in uncomfortable situations. Above all you have to keep your heart soft and open.

And yet, vulnerability can be frightening. I know. It means that sometimes you will be hurt.

But I am finding that the benefits of vulnerability far outweigh the sacrifice – far outweigh the inconvenience and even the periodic pain it causes. Especially, when you consider that the alternative to vulnerability is disconnect and numbness which leads to discontentment.

Here is what I am finding vulnerability looks like…

-Acting in a loving, caring way toward someone, even if they may not respond in kind.

-Showing others your weaknesses and struggles (appropriately).

-Bravely opening your heart to a new friendship or relationship, even when the last time it meant your heart was torn in two.

-Being willing to completely forgive when someone has hurt you deeply, even if they never say they are sorry.

-Asking for forgiveness, when you realize that you have done or said something you shouldn’t have.

-Following your dreams and hopes when that might mean you could fail.

These acts of vulnerability require that you be brave. They often require that you lean on a supernatural power to carry you through. But I am telling you. The joy, the blessings, the exhilarating hope you experience when you allow yourself to be vulnerable, in these ways, makes it worth every bit of the risk. It makes it worth every ounce of the effort.

If you haven’t yet, I dare you to give vulnerability a try. And then tell this community how it has changed your life!

Also, if you haven’t seen this, you should.



Let’s each be a little vulnerable and share in the comments some way that we are practicing vulnerability in our life. I’ll go first.

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3 thoughts on “Vulnerability is necessary if you want to thrive

  1. Writing this blog is an act of vulnerability for me. I am putting a lot of my “stuff” out there. Things that in years gone by I would have kept private. I may fail, you know. But it is a risk I feel is worth taking, if by doing this I can help one other person.

  2. Hi Lauren! Thanks for your blog. I have been thinking the exact same thing lately. I’ve always struggled with initiating friendships, depending on others to reach out to me, and ending up lonely. God has been showing me that I need to be willing to reach out to others – to be the friend that I always wanted to have, even if someone doesn’t happen to respond the way I want them to!

    1. Hi Kimberly! Thanks so much for sharing this!!! Reaching out when we aren’t sure how people will respond definitely requires bravery. I wasn’t so good at this in the past, but I also am trying to grow in this area . I am finding, most people are waiting too and when I reach out they are happy to be my friend.

      It’s so funny. I was just thinking of you this morning – that I should touch base. We will be traveling through PA in Nov. and my sister and husband will be moving there temporarily next year. We would love to see you and your family in Nov. or next year sometime (if Nov. doesn’t work)! Even if we meet for lunch in passing :).

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