A week off TV, what do you think?


We’re taking the week off TV. It wasn’t something we planned for, it just kind of happened. For better or worse, I am a wee bit impulsive and often commit to things I haven’t completely thought through. Not a good thing, I know. I realized Sunday afternoon that living in a cold city where getting out in the winter, especially with all the snow, is tough, plus homeschooling thrown into the mix, we had come to rely on TV more than I would like. Not a ridiculous amount, just more than I felt comfortable with.

TV watching history

When Brance was a kid his parents got fed up with the miserable programming on TV (this was the 70’s!). His dad and mom actually threw their TV out. They didn’t get another one for many years, so Brance grew up basically TV-less, minus the little bit of time he spent watching at his grandparents’ house. It could explain the differences between the two of us! Brance being the witty one ;). I, however, loved nothing more than TV marathons of my favorite shows. On days off from school, I would watch until my head ached or my mom realized and sent me outside or to do something “more productive”.

It doesn’t just affect the kids!

Brance and I aren’t doing a ton of TV these days, we’re so busy. Although we aren’t above binge watching and can get hooked on a good series as easy as the rest. Several years ago, Brance and I discovered Lost a month or so before the final season aired (sad, I know – we tend to be behind on trends). We spent the next couple weeks watching way too much TV, while drinking way too many smoothies (thankfully it could have been a worse treat), while staying up way too late for parents with an early rising baby. These days we are still staying up too late, but for less entertaining reasons like work. Still, we do enjoy chilling with he TV for a bit after we get the girls down for the night. And as Brance so helpfully pointed out to me after my impulsive decision – that won’t be happening this week.

We’re in for the week

So, there you have it. For better or BETTER, we are not watching TV this week. It can’t hurt us,  right :)?  People lived many, many years without TV, and still, I feel a little pensive about going a whole week without it. I’ll let you know how it goes! I am secretly hoping it is awesome and we find other ways to entertain ourselves and use television less in the future. Brance and I did sit in bed last night and work sudoku puzzles and had a blast, hah! Does that mean we are getting old?

Have you ever taken time off TV? How did it go for you?

4 thoughts on “A week off TV, what do you think?

  1. sick of me yet? 😉 I didn’t have cable growing up like 90% of my friends did, so when I got to college and cable was INCLUDED, I was all about it!!!

    Fast forward many years when Aaron was about 2, he would wake up and yell “MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE!!” That was it. Turned off the cable. We got Netflix instead but it’s much easier to control what you’re watching rather than let one show run into the next, into the next, into the next. It lasted a couple years. We got cable back again after we moved back to Washington a couple years ago because it was just darn cheaper to get cable AND Internet rather than just Internet. We canceled it again after that year and went ‘TV-less’ for another year. We are just NCAA football and MLB fans!! So now we have it again. We will see how long it lasts.

  2. I am sooooo glad you are here!!! It would be a little lonely otherwise :).

    It’s hard with kids! When they are affected by the TV, it’s a little scary. I get why you guys decided to turn the cable off. When Haddie was about three we allowed her to watch the PBS show Caillou… until she started throwing tantrums like the little boy in the show. Once we stopped letting her watch, her behavior changed. It was wild. It still frightens me that she was that influenced by a show.

    I love that you guys have went long periods of time without cable and that you even grew up that way!

  3. One episode of Caillou was enough for me!!! Why do they even put shows on television like that?! And how do they thrive??
    I definitely restrict what they watch, but they don’t even know it. I LOVE Peg+Cat on pbs. It’s hilarious and the kids really pick up on it. Oddly enough the kids love to watch the 80s version of Spider-Man and Woody Woodpecker.

  4. I know! I am not sure how we we let Caillou fly under the radar! Thankfully Abigail was too little to watch at the time and it only affected Haddie’s behavior.

    Brance loves watching Peep and the Big Wide World with the kids ; it’s funny. We’ll have to give Peg + Cat a try!

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