Weekend Reads 1/12

Happy Weekend! Do you have anything fun planned? Will it be a low-key weekend at home or one out and about?

I’m looking forward to some newborn snuggles with our newest nephew and some rowdy fun with his two big sisters and cousins (my girls :). The weather has finally warmed up. Yay! Although, it’s drizzly. But I don’t mind because that’s perfect for hot tea (which I am enjoying right now) and a movie (any suggestions?).

Brance will be in next weekend. We’re counting the days!!

Here are some interesting links I discovered this week…

Predictions about the foods we’ll be eating this year. Do you agree?

-“Doing good, it seems, is better than feeling good.” Much of this article resognates with my experience.

-Here are some smart ways to save time with meal prep. Do you do any of these already? Do you have other ways to save time?

An interesting wall make-over I actually like. (Although, I am not sure I would be gutsy enough to pull it off). Thoughts?

-A fascinating read about the progress we made in 2017 to better understand the brain. Do any surprise you?

Chocolate and shortbread in in one recipe!?! If only I were eating eggs and sugar… maybe you could enjoy a couple for me.

-Here is a post I get a lot of positive feedback from. Have you read it yet?

-“The seduction of moralism is the essence of its power.” A bold statement in an article I found helpful and sobering to contemplate as a Christian.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends,


P.S. This little blog has been a huge labor of love for the last couple of years. Would you consider sharing it with others? I would be appreciative.

P.P.S. The free ALE Ebook,  in case you haven’t gotten it yet.

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