Weekend Reads

Family ReadingLive near a 7-Eleven? Get your morning cup of joe free courtesy of 7-Eleven for an entire week, October 12-17. All you have to do is download their app onto your phone.

Spending time outdoors in nature is good for your health – both physical and mental. We have known that for a while.  Now, thanks to a researcher from the University of Illinois, we better understand the reason behind this. It might surprise you.

I am excited for the cooler weather that allows for baking around here. Our poor little air conditioners just couldn’t keep up in the summer. So we had lots and lots of salads and sandwiches. Here is a banana bread/muffin recipe I’d like to try that happens to be gluten and dairy free and still looks delicious. It is also free of refined sugar.

Interestingly, new research is suggesting a possible  link between a later bedtime and weight gain. Yet another reason to get to bed earlier. Although, I am such a night owl. I was just talking with a new friend about sleep yesterday at the park. She was mentioning the benefits of an early bedtime too. I really need to make an effort to get to bed earlier!

I love watching animals interact with each other (as long as one isn’t hurting the other, ha!). We were fortunate to see two tigers being extremely playful during a visit to the zoo one time. I still haven’t forgotten it. This video of two pandas is so funny.

MIT has been offering free classes online for a while now. Other colleges and seminaries across the country do similar things. I really should take advantage of this! Now, MIT is offering credit for some of these free courses. Thank you MIT!

Exercise fads come and go. Which ones are good, which ones aren’t? Here are 7 questions to ask about any exercise routine to make sure it is effective.

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