Weekend Reads

lighthouse 2The girls and I have been around town more than usual this past week. Wednesday was Haddie’s Birthday and one of her favorite things is to explore our city… especially bookstores. I think we trained her well ;).

I already posted pics from our time at the USS Constitution, the North End, and Sweets where we celebrated 8 wonderful years with our sweet oldest.

Today the girls and I met up with some friends and afterwards ended up wandering around downtown. We had fun visiting the graveyard where the first Massachusetts governor was buried and Brattle Street Bookstore (Haddie’s favorite).

We definitely need to get out and do this more often!

What do you have planned this weekend? I hope to play catch up around the house. We’d also like to get in a hike weather permitting!!!

Here are some interesting articles from around the web (and a video)!

This Salmon recipe looks delicious.

Topical vitamin D for younger looking skin? Intriguing.

Surprisingly, these “foods” are supposedly good for your gut. Good news for my hubby.

Return to the 90’s? I have been noticing this lately on some design blogs I follow. Not sure if I am excited or disturbed, haha.

Interesting article if you are ginger or know a red head.

And I loved the following clip on forgiveness. Especially the part about not including the word “but” in our apologies. So good.


I hope you have a lovely weekend dear readers!