What our secret plans do for us

imageDid you realize that the things that you desire, plan, and hope for deep down are very important? You know, the things that you mull over on a daily basis, but often don’t breathe a word of these secret thoughts or plans to a soul. Well, come to find out, when our thoughts are altruistic, truly concerned for the well-being of others, we are better off.

What our hearts desire is an indicator of our emotional health. Do we plan things that would benefit and uplift others in addition to ourselves? Would good and peace and hope come about through our deepest wishes. Or do we spend time secretly plotting revenge or ways that only benefit ourselves, even to the detriment of others?

We don’t have to be a victim to selfish passions or desires for revenge! In the long-run these unhealthy plans and thought patterns only destroy us. They kill our empathy and love and kindness and peace. They erase our inner beauty. And eventually the toxic feelings we harbor can do damage to every relationship in our life, even those most dear.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. When our secret desires are not just for the good of ourselves but also for the good of others, a beautiful thing happens. We are released from the prison and poison that revenge and selfishness produce. We are free to truly love. We are free to kindness and peace. We are free to have empathy, even for those who may have hurt us. This kind of freedom is incredibly rare and beautiful, much lovelier than any outward form of beauty. And it is such a gift!!!

I have experienced this very thing again and again in my life and it has been no less than amazing. I am not special, if I can do this, anyone can! When people reject or betray us, it is easy to harbor bitterness, even hatred. I know. I have been tempted to go there when dumped by boyfriends and dear friends. Yet, extending forgiveness in our hearts, even when a person hasn’t requested our forgiveness or even deserves it, does something amazing for us. When our inner hopes and desires are not ones of revenge, WE are free. And let me tell you, desiring good for others, in addition to ourselves, will seem like a walk in the park once we have been able to do the former.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to work on your secret wishes and desires. The benefits you will reap far outweighs any effort! It’s the best gift you can give yourself and others. I can’t wait to hear all the amazing things that will happen once you do.

This practice has made a huge difference for me and my ability to enjoy life. I have found it to be very freeing. What do you think?

You should know: While this is not a Christian blog, and people of all beliefs are welcome here, I am a Christian and many of my ideas are based on principles I have learned from the bible. I speak more to this on the About page, if you are curious.