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Whole_FoodsSo, I thought Whole Foods was coming to Southie, but it is actually at the very edge of the South End. No big deal though. It is VERY close to where we live and I am pretty excited by that. Not only is it close by, but it is much larger than the rest of the stores in the city and fancier :).Wines at Whole Foods South EndIMG_3789


We live on a budget when it comes to groceries, but there are some things we love to get from Whole Foods and some things like my probiotic, I have only been able to find here. And their prepared foods are second to no other grocery store. Where else can you get a grilled salmon and veggie bowl like this while picking up eggs and bread? Yum.

Salmon and Veggies Whole Foods

As nice of a store as it is, I did happen to find myself sitting a couple of feet away from a belligerent man who a security guard had to “escort” out of the store (he went fighting!). That was uncomfortable and scary. Although, I think that was a little out of the ordinary. At least, I hope so :).

All-in-all I think the new store is a win for the South End AND Southie. I for one am glad to no longer have to drive all the way to Dedham to be in a decent sized Whole Foods!



What do you think? Do you or would you shop at Whole Foods?

2 thoughts on “Whole Foods South End Boston

  1. you know, the last time I was IN a Whole Foods (I THINK I went in) was in DC). They had one south of Portland which wasn’t too out of the way but there’s no real reason I need to go there. I think the closest Whole Foods is in Bellevue, a swanky part of Seattle 90 minutes away. But it looks pretty cool! It’s got a bar and a restaurant?!

  2. Their coffee bar and all the awesome prepared foods (more like food court) is my favorite part :). Their prices are a little high, so we do the bulk of our shopping at Costco or our regular local grocery store.

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