You before me

I called my mom, a little over a month after Haddie was born.

In a sleep-deprived and perhaps tearfully hormonal voice, I told her how thankful I was for ALL that she had done for me. For all the beautiful sacrifices she had made over the years, that frankly, I had no clue about before becoming a mom myself. And for all the ones that I had yet to experience.

She laughed humbly and graciously accepted my gratitude. I have a wonderful mom!

Ah… the life of a mom. Words can not fully describe how it changes a woman and brings to light both the oh-so-wonderful and the not-so-good bound up in one person. There really is nothing like it.

And in my humble opinion, few connections in this life have the capacity to display love better than that of mother to child. The real kind of nitty-gritty LOVE that puts another person first– the “you before me” kind that seems so rare these days.

It’s a love that sacrifices on a daily basis. That sets aside its own desires to read another book aloud or change a dirty bed or clean up a spill. Love that even delays its own needs for another– I am talking showers, and meals, and sleep (for years folks!) and so much more. That willingly takes on every hurt and sadness and joy and success of the child.

It reminds me of the biblical love Christians are told to have for one another in 1 Corinthians 13. One that is patient and kind and self-controlled. One that is never rude or irritable or resentful. It’s a “you before me” kind of love.

In other scriptures we are told love shows concern and care for even one’s enemies! And of course Christ was the greatest example of this when he laid down his very LIFE—for those of us like me who counted Him as their enemy.

What an honor that as a mother we get to reflect this beautiful, sacrificial kind of love. Love that looks to the needs of others before ourself. And leads us to teach our children to do the same and hopefully make a difference in this world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there, both physical and spiritual! Your job is SO very important.

With love for you all,


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