Your deepest happiness

Deep happiness

We’re going deep today. Prepare to ask yourself hard questions and to be real. Because, ultimately your deepest happiness is at stake.

Where are you looking for happiness? Where are you intentionally or unintentionally looking for meaning in life?

Perhaps you are living as though happiness resides in a successful job or business. Maybe it’s physical health or your appearance you are looking to. Or financial security or your home or possessions. Maybe you have pinned your happiness to the back of another human being.

Um….we can look for happiness through affirmation on social media.

Whether we have thought about it or not we ALL are naturally inclined to look to something/someone to fulfill us—to bring us joy. And we become disillusioned and upset when we feel they let us down. Which inevitably always happens when we look to these things for happiness.

What if I told you there was a better way? A way where you could have joy percolating in your heart even when circumstances didn’t go as planned. Where you can have a skip in your step even as your dreams go up in smoke. Where a crumbling relationship doesn’t result in a crumbled life. Where disease, betrayal, infertility, job loss, and financial struggle don’t confiscate your life and your happiness.

It’s the way found in Jesus’ sermon on the mount. And deep, abiding happiness resides here. One that can’t be stripped away by life circumstances.

What is the way paved to this unrelenting joy?

It’s the way of mercy. It’s caring for the least of these or those who could rightfully be overlooked.

It’s the way of meekness and humility. It’s a rightful assessment of yourself and your abilities. It’s turning from pride.

It’s the way of peace. It’s not being contentious and difficult. It’s seeking the good of others.

It’s the way of goodness. It’s loving and embracing all that is true and right and pure in life.

It the way of submitting our life and dreams and hopes to a higher plan. It’s accepting our life with all its prickles, knowing these very difficulties help us grow.

I am so excited, you guys! Writing about this reminds ME of where I experience deep and lasting happiness…

  • Because when I live this way I experience a level of  happiness that can’t be reached any other way.
  • Because it’s easy to get sucked into the lie that happiness is found in all the things I mentioned at the beginning of this post. That’s the direction we naturally float, after all.
  • Because I write about things we can do health-wise to boost our happiness–but it can only take us so far. If we continue on the hamster wheel of looking to something/someone else to make us happy, we will never be truly content and deeply happy.

With love,